Sunday, August 4, 2013

Week 99 Photos #1

As we come to the end of our mission to Indonesia, we have had ample opportunities to be with the kind and loving members here in Solo.  As I reviewed all of my pictures this week, there were just so many that I wanted to include that there is going to be 4 postings of photos.

On Monday, the Knorpps and the Greenways took a trip to Jogja with Bono driving.  We asked him to take us to the most beautiful beach by Jogja.  He asked, "wanting to swim?" and we said "no", so here is the Indian Ocean on the south of Java.  This stretch of beach had 4-6 breaker areas, and is too dangerous for swimming and surfing, but it is the most picturesque!

Looking at the beach and the wet to dry sand, I guessed that the tide was going out.  These breakers are 6 - 12 feet in height and you can see how far they start out into the ocean.

Ahh, I was wrong about the tide going OUT!!!  It seems there was a pattern where the rhythm of the waves merged from time to time and the water coming landward went from 1" to two feet ... QUICKLY!!!!!
After the beach, we went to Malioboro Street for some souvenir shopping.  This is the area reserved for horse carts and becaks.

And here's the actual street for "motors and mobils."  (Motorcycles and cars)

At most semaphore controlled intersections are "beggars."  Islam calls for its people to care for the poor.  The law requires that the person asking for money must provide a service, which can be singing, playing a ukulele, or finger chimes.  In Jogja, you can see street entertainers like this mime.

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