Sunday, August 4, 2013

Week 99 Photos #2

This is the family of Uskup Suparno.  His wife, Ida, son Willi, and Princess.

Suparno's brother-in-law is Choki.  Here he is with his wife, Isti, daughters Corri, Dinda, and Myrna; and their son Ricko.

And here is Brother Tomi with Elder Knorpp.  I think they're trying to dance!  Brother Tomi is Choki and Ida's father.  He and his wife were the first Indonesian senior missionaries.

I was presented with a Batak Usa (sp).  Choki draped it around us and they all laughed - I think we are now married!!!!

This young women present a traditional Javanese Rice Dance.  The colors of her costume represent the ripening of the rice.
Brother Eko, the MC, wore the traditional Javanese garb ...
Including his keris!  He also presented an explanation of the keris.

And Willi wore the traditional Batak costume.

And last of all, we wanted to include a photo of Bila at her last piano lesson.  She is the EXTREMELY talented young Muslim girl (14) that Sister Greenway has been helping with he piano skills.

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