Sunday, August 4, 2013

Week 99 Photos #4

On Friday the Solo 1st Ward had a going away party for the Greenway's and for Sister Lindha (Frisca).  The ward used this Sunday to fast for her visa's to arrive and for her wait to end so she can leave for the Provo MTC, soon.  Here we are with Preseden Pasak Budi Susanto, his wife Isti and their daughter Tang.

This is Uskup Siyamt, his wife Ajeng, and daughter, Saretta.
Here is Brother Haryono, a member of the High Council with responsibilities over employment and self-reliance.  He is with his wife Elizabeth and his grand-daughter Natasa.  There is another grand-daughter not pictured, Jesica.
And Moko with his wife, Yessica and their new son, Mika.
When we first came to Solo, Arif's wife, Yani was expecting their little girl, Angel.  Now Angel is almost two years old and she has a little sister, Addlynn.
Bono and Diah gave us a personal going away present.  He must have been listening to Sister Greenway when she mentioned she wanted to find a painting of the padi fields we see everywhere we travel.

After the program came the food!  Always a feast.  On the right is Sister Lindha (Frisca) in line with a missionary from Sumatra serving in Solo, Sister Situmorang.

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