Sunday, February 5, 2012

Missionaries and a Baptism

The FTM in the Solo area are constantly looking for areas where they can provide service. This seems to be somewhat of a misunderstood concept. They have approached orphanages - to be turned down because we weren't going to give them money. They didn't seem to realized the benefit of just haveing someone in to help and play and care for the kids for a day. Oh well. They did get noticed this particular day earlier this week. You'll have to use Google Translate.
At DDM this week we had all the missionaries group-up. They are a terrific bunch of Elders and Sister and they represent the Lord. I'm so proud of who they are and what they desire to accomplish as they do the work of the Lord.
On Sunday, Bangasari Branch had a baptism of Tomas and his big brother. They had been less active for a very long time. These are the YM mentioned in the letter.

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