Sunday, February 5, 2012

Photos from Week 21

Well, these are the wheels that we got. Its a 2005 Toyota Innova. It's an 8 passenger, standard and is really clean. It has 72,000 Km which isn't too bad for a 6-7 yo vehicle and the best part is that President Catur promises to buy it back when we're finished with minimal depreciation. Bono was beside himself with this new car. I think we mentioned that we have kept him on retainer and he has come with us a few times when we needed a guide and translator. Well, from his perspective he's back to work - for real. He kept looking around and touching the inside of the car and he say to Sister Greenway, "Sister, what do you think?" Anyway we've been really using it. See letter.
On our way to the Water Project we passed this MCK under construction. This is just up the road from the construction office which was added onto the village office. What is important to notice is that it is being built by....

The local mosque.
Here we are at the reservoir tank. This was hand dug and the concrete was all hand mixed and carried and poured. The re-bar is hand bent and set. Here you can see Sutarno on the right with Margono (he is the local supervisor to the workers- he is Muslim and wears LDS Charities shirts and hats) to his left.
Another view of the excavation. This has got to accommodate a holding tank 100 Cubic meters in volume. Right now they are putting in the upright supports.
Remember this is all done by hand.
Well, while we were there as is common for this time of year, it started to rain - rather vigorously. Sister Greenway has already mentioned that Indonesians do not like to get wet. Bono even told me the cold rain hitting his head gives him a headache. Well, they were prepared so we waited out the rain and had some language training with all of the crew.
Finally, this is Kowo. He took us by another MCK in progress.. He is a member of the church but we aren't sure where he resides.

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