Sunday, February 19, 2012

Week 23 Photos 3

We went to a wedding on Valentine's Day!  It was for Rudy and Femmy - active young single adults.  They are going to the temple later this year. First they were married by the branch president in the Kapatihan Chapel.

Jawanese traditional garb including dagger.

Then we piled all of the Elders into our car to go to the reception.  10 Elders, plus Elder & Sister Greenway and Bono.  No air bags...just air heads !!!!  Oh and this is OK with Indonesian polici !  Hey, this is a place where school kids are transported in trucks!

This is now the traditional part.  Processional.

Part of the tradition, he pours rice and she collects it.

Half of the guests.  The red stuff is strawberry drink.  This was followed by an appetizer of sorts, then soup (vegetable broth).  No dessert at this wedding.  The guy in the white with a microphone was the MC.  We haven't the slightest idea what he was saying because it was all Jawanese.

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