Sunday, February 19, 2012

Week 23 Photos 2

I don't remember if I noted it before, but with this project we are retrofitting the old, original system with 10 MCKs and adding an additional 12 MCKs to the expanded system.  There are four villages that will benefit or about 30,000 people.  Here is an MCK (gray structure to the left) being set by a village mosque.

Starting the septic tank.

These two ladies feed the 32 crew members lunch every day.

MCK by a village soccer pitch (futsal field).  You can see one of the storage/pressure reduction tanks in the distance.

This MCK in in the middle of one village.  We are just about done with the septic tank.

Setting block for the septic tank.

MCK by a village community center.

The bamboo poles are their "ladders."

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