Sunday, May 13, 2012

Week 35 - Photos 1

Well our week started with our trip to Bali.  It would be wonderful to take several days and just tour the island with a knowledgable guide.  Our entire trip was arranged by a member who lives on the island.  His name was Poliman.  He owns a recycling and environmental advocacy company.  He took time to guide us around when we weren't in meetings.

On day 2 we went to a monkey forest in Ubud where our hotel, the Suly Resord and Spa, was located.  And there were monkeys everywhere!!!  I had one climb up onto my head and shoulders for a banana - but your Mom got a picture of a monkey on some other guy!

This is a view under a stone arch bridge we crossed - just to give you an idea of the thick, jungle vegetation.

And the stone-work was incredible!  No they aren't real, but they are life-size.  Komodo Island is just three islands to the west of Bali, about 1 hour by air.

This is the "Monkey Forest Hindu Temple"  located in the forest.  Guests are welcome to enter if they are attired correctly, which means traditional Balinese clothing: For Men- Headress, Sarong, (sleeved shirt), and a scarf around waist; For Women - Sarong, Sabaya (or sleeved shirt), and "Saput Scarf" around the waist.  All are welcome to join a religeous ceremony if properly attired.

Here I am with the superintendent of the forest.  There are 5 bands of monkeys (about 600 total) in the forest, which is the level of population that he must maintain via monkey birth control.  He is wearing a traditional head-dress.

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