Monday, May 28, 2012

Week 37 Photos 1

This first series was shot by Sister Greenway.  They are a mix.  Here are Sisters Sari and Blake.  We have them on board because we were taking 4 missionaries to the airport.  Sister Sari was going home and Sister Blake was going to Jakarta to get her new, NEW companion, Sister Neis (Nice) form Alberta, Canada.

Here are the missionaries and youth practicing, "If You Could Hie to Kolob," for the Family/Temple Fireside that Sister Sari wanted to put on before going home.   Long story....

Here we are at the village offices near Ampel.  Playgrounds are the same as in the USA - as are those who use them!

This last picture is for the Grovers, Merediths, and the Knorps.  We know that the Grovers and Merediths loved Ice Cream - and Elder and Sister Knorpp are wondering what is available here in Solo.  So we chose this flavor for you all.  We'll pass (not the most appetizing name.) ----- OK?!?

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