Sunday, May 20, 2012

Week 36

Good Family and Friends!!!

I think this will be quite a short letter this week. We were busy every day, however much of it was planning and paperwork. So, you can't take pictures nor make much fun out of that.

However, the biggest news of the week came from Utah, where Joel and Rebekah found out they are having a GIRL. Now we'll take all the girls we can get. This baby will be #16 as far as grandchildren go, but it will be #7 on the girls team. We have Sadie, Cecily, Elia, Madelynne, Kathryn, Anna Marie, and now (probably) Jane! Our boys team has 9 players....Isaac, Nate, Eli, Jackson, Jackson's Brother (coming very soon), William, Gavin, Andrew, and Logan. Quite a group!!!! We're just a BIT proud of them.

We have been working on the Young Single Adult lists for the 4 Wards. I think I told you that the lists are a bit out-of-date. We will also be working on the Single adult lists, but first things first. We have the names of 2 of the 4 Single Adult Representatives, and we will be meeting with them next Saturday to get the ball rolling. They are anxious to get going, as are the Young Singles, so we can't wait any longer. The Grover's (the mission couple here before us) did a great job with the YSAs. So, all we really have to do is get it organized as the Stake Handbook suggests.

They already have an Institute Program going (somewhat poorly attended), so we would like to add a Sunday meeting (perhaps FHE or Break-the-Fast) and make sure that the CES firesides from Salt Lake are well attended. We also would like to have community service play a part in the activities. BUT!!!! this is not our program to plan! We are there as advisers, so we will see where they take it. But there is one part that cannot be set aside, and that is missionary work. They have some "rescuing" to do, and in Indonesia the young men full time missionaries leave when they are 18. You can see there is much to do. We are really excited!

So on that note, we have been out visiting some of the less active young singles and single adults. We have one young man that left on his mission but was sooooooo homesick that the mission president ( this was some years ago) sent him to Solo to see if he would do better near home. He just left one day and went home to his house. He and his parents were very embarrassed, so they haven't been coming. We have been working with the father, and the Elders have been working with the son. I think this might just happen. We will keep at it. He is one of many, just like other wards in the church, and each one is worth the effort! They are wonderful young people!

Our visiting hasn't been limited to the Singles Program. We found out Monday that our very sick Koraaq (the fellow with the lung problem) was sent home from the hospital to heal. However, we had a new very sick 14 month old little fellow to take his place. His name is Cesar, and his mom, Nina, is a return missionary who married a Muslim fellow. We had visited the home of her parents, Bro. and Sis Sutarno. Anyway, he was very sick with a fever, vomiting, diarrhea, and a terrible cough. We went Monday, then Wednesday Elder Greenway and Bono gave him a blessing (we misunderstood that he had already had a blessing), and then we returned Friday and found out that he was much better, but still had the fever. However, by Saturday afternoon, they sent him home, too. We are grateful for the power of the Priesthood.

Friday was DDM, then we went with Elder Johnson and Elder Hendro to visit Untea. I have mentioned her before. She has a little boy that makes Bradley Boothe (sorry none of you know Bradley Boothe, but my siblings SURE DO) look like an angel. He is about 6, and he was terror unleashed on Friday. His mother told him to sit down so he threw a flip-flop at her. Then he threw a shoe, then as we were leaving he was about to throw a rock! So I gave him the Mothermelly look (my children definitely know what that is), put my arm around his Mom and said, " Tidak! Saya mengasihi Ibu anda! " (roughly translated is No! I love your mother) It didn't even faze him. My kids think my look can melt steel, but he kept his arm cocked and ready to throw. I wanted to go grab the rock and knock him on the head with it, but alas, I am a representative of the Church so I'm sorry to say that we deserted the sinking ship, and dashed off the hospital to see Cesar. However, the whole way we had a conversation with Elder Johnson about what his mother would have done if HE had behaved that way. I felt better about wanting to konk him with the rock after that.

After the hospital run, we grabbed some dinner at Raja Ayam (King Chicken) where they have the best Mie Ayam. Then we were off to the Kapatihan Building to teach our very first Gospel English Class. We had 10 attendees, and that was before it was announced in Church today. The class will be held every Friday at Jam 6 sore (6:00 afternoon/evening). We had so much fun. The youngest was probably 25, and the oldest was Bro. Sukro who is ohhhhhhh over 50. We worked on vowels first. They have a very hard time with the long sound of most vowels. Then we worked on the alphabet and sang the song. They don't have a "c" or a "g". They have "chey" and "gey" (sort of a funny sounding "gay"). We had them practice in twos. and we walked around and listened, then we worked on the name of the Church in English. (Gereja Yesus Kristus dari Orang-orang Suci Zaman Akhir) That took some time.... Finally, we worked on "Heavenly Father" (Bapa Surgawi)and "Father in Heaven" (Bapa diSurga), and "Amen" (Amin). They actually did very well and asked if we could have it twice a week. I don't see how, but who knows. They of course have homework. We obviously want them to pray in English after a while. Remember!!!!!! They asked for this, we did not suggest it or in any way motivate this English. It actually came from Bro. Sukro (the oldest) and Bishop Awi got right on it. He was there, too, along with Bono our driver who has great English. He told us, "I can always learn to be better".

We that does it. We also did piano 2 days, and baked and gave away Banana Bread, washed clothes, cleaned the apartment, and did some grocery shopping; but then, so did you. So that isn't news. We got some great emails about the homeland from some kind ward members, and family. We are just like every other missionary. We love getting mail from home. We love hearing about your families, and ward goings-on. We especially love to hear how you help your families and neighbors, and how you love one another. You are all such great examples. Thank you so much!!! We'll keeping working on our end, and we know you'll do the same.

All our love,

Elder and Sister G.

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