Monday, May 28, 2012

Week 37 Photos 2

Here is an update of the Ampel water project. This last week we visited to see the progress. 20 of the 22 MCK are completed, near completion, and/or under construction. The concrete reservoirs, large and small, are also progressing quickly and all but 2 poly tanks are in place.

This first shot is of the MCK near the Dnodirojo office. You've watched it progress to completion.

Yup - that's clear water flowing!!!

Here is a Kristen Church near the street that is being used as the model street.

Here is the MCK attached to the church, like the one by the Mosque in earlier pictures.

Here is one of the smaller reservoirs - it is finished and full and flowing.

And here is one of the new poly tanks - full and flowing, too.

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