Sunday, May 5, 2013

Week 86 Photos

We mentioned the opportunity I had to again perform a baptism.  This time it was for Luki Listyanto, who is Lala's brother.  If you remember, I was able to baptize Lala about a year ago.  Another youngster, Devi, from a less active family that the Sisters have been working with was also baptized.  Today in Fast and Testimony meeting, they were both confirmed!
Here are Sister Hutcheson, Devi, Elder Lee, and Elder Watson.
 Inline image 1
Here I am with Luki.
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We also had a lesson with the elders and sisters of Surakarta.  Here Sister Greenway is teaching; she's out of site on the right of the picture.
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As you can see, Taco Soup was offered with Nacho Chips that the Knorpps discovered.  They consumed every drop.  It was great!!!  
From left to right: Elder Wijaya, Elder Taulu, Elder James, Elder Martoyo, and Elder Lee.
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They also got to enjoy "How to Train Your Dragon."  It was in English with English subtitles to help the native missionaries with their English.
Elder Hernandez, Elder Taulu, Sister Hutcheson, Sister Manullang, and Elder Watson.
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