Monday, May 27, 2013

Week 89 Photos #2

Here we are, hard at work, being taught by each couple about what they are doing and suggestions for all of us to incorporate in our own areas.
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We ever heard from the Presiden Pasak Surakarta President Budi Susanto who was accompanied by his wife Isti.
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We needed to be hauled to several places over the three days of the conference.  Here are our drivers:  Sarbono (he drives for us), Sukiarto (who normally drives for the Barnards), and Purwono (who is the Knorpp's driver).
Inline image 3
We did do some site-seeing.  This is the Prince's Palace here in Solo.  Overall I think it is better cared for than the King's Palace.  This is the Main ceremonial pavilion.
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There was a "Traditional Dance" practice going on while we were there.  Here is the orchestra ....
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and the dancers.
Inline image 6
After visiting the palace, we walked across the street to a traditional antique pasar.
Inline image 7
We also enjoyed a night out at a really nice restaurant arranged for by the Knorpps.
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