Sunday, May 19, 2013

Week 88 Photos #1

On Thursday we were invited by Monique Jatmiko (Bishop Catur and Irma's daughter) to present as native speakers at her sekola SMA (High School).  Here is the teacher of the the ekstrakolikular English class.  You can also see Shala (long hair) a friend of Monique, and Elder Martoyo (Bono's nephew).

Inline image 1
As part of the introduction, Angel presented a musical number.  "I love to sing because I have such a nice voice."
Inline image 2

She had live accompaniment!
Inline image 3
Elder Johnson and Elder Martoyo played English Word Pictionary with the students.  Can you guess the word he's drawing?
Inline image 4
We ended with teaching a simplified country line dance which they then did to, "Mountain Music," by Alabama.  They really loved it.
Inline image 5
Followed by the requisite group picture ... followed by a myriad of individual hand phone shots!
Inline image 6

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