Thursday, August 18, 2011

GOOD MORNING GREENWAY(AND RICHINS) FAMILY!!! Ok enough of that. Just a few things going on out here in Idaho. Kyle is loving his job and racked up a whole $128 commission in 2 weeks. That's $1,280 +/- in sales. Andrew and I are having allergy issues. I think it is the alfalfa mom. They are starting to harvest the wheat and alfalfa and neither Andrew or I can breath through our noses. Gavin is so smart it walked into Kyle the other day and said "DAD!! 9+1 is 10!!". I guess I'm gonna hafta watch that one...he's quiiick. On the rough side we had our car vandalized sometime Sunday night. We went to church and all was well. Kyle went to work Monday and the windshield was cracked. I'm a little worried to drive it down to Utah. It's going to cost us either $300 out right or $500 deductible. Grrrrr. And just after we finished getting everything ready for the trip. Changed our brakes and fluids and then this happens. DO'H!! Also I am wondering if ya'll want me to just post on here or should I continue on my other page...I'm not sure any of you read that one. Let me know. We love all of you. Travel safely and we'll see some of you soon.

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