Sunday, August 7, 2011

Hiking Adventure

Yesterday we decided that Saturday is a special day, it is the day that we hike 2 miles up into Adam's Canyon and see the 40 foot waterfall.

The hike is described as medium difficulty, with shades of death at the front end and right before the waterfall. We thought that they were just kidding. The first Quarter of a mile was sttep switchbacks up into the canyon. Not so bad, unless you add the scorching 98 degree sun coupled with sand and no shade. The rattlesnakes were taunting us.

The kids wanted to give up, but with much persuasion, which included bribery (shaved ices afterwards), the troops made it into the canyon and shade.

They were very happy for the trees. In fact, this above represented outpouring of affection, was completely spontaneous and unscripted. They were very grateful for the shade and the cool breeze that wafted down the canyon.

The middle section was actually pretty nice. Rolling trails and few obstacles. The closer we got to the waterfall, however, the steeper and more difficult the terrain became. Cecily got her first taste of Indiana Jones style hiking as we dangled over a rushing torrent. Ok, so we had to slide across some rocks while the creek gurgled past below. It was a fierce gurlge though.

SO, we made it to the top and the view, and refreshing mist, was well worth the effort. Our little tempterature sensative child, Cecily, was "not quite so sure" about the cold mist coming from the waterfall, so Nate, Eli, and I decided to show her how fun mountain waterfalls could be. Apparently it was more than she could bear to watch. One, should note that she has set herself up quite nicely with all of the snacks. She is actually snacking under her shirt. It protects her from the harmful rays of the sun, the chilly mist, and from having to see Dad without his shirt on.

All in all, the hike was a sucess! Victory achieved, slushies eaten, hearts warmed, tears shed, memories forever ingrained. And the view isn't half bad either!!!

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