Monday, October 17, 2011

Awesome Experience!!

Yesterday, Gina and I had the awesome privilege to go to our ward building and hear, in person, Sister Beck! The General Relief Society President. It was so neat. It was standing room only! Our ward building is set up a lot like Lewisberry and Lebanon's buildings. The gym runs the length of the building. The pew's: FULL. The rows of chair in the gym: Full! Gina and I ended up sitting on the stage. I was in a primary chair and Gina was in a padded chair she found outside the bishop's office. Mom, I gave my padded chair to the older sister missionary that was there. She also served an employment mission but hers was in a Spanish speaking country. The brethren ended up turning people away at the doors and sending them to a nearby ward building. Sister Beck was so wonderful. She had given two other firesides on Saturday so the poor woman couldn't even talk. She was hoarse! But, she still spoke with the power of the spirit!! She had some women stand up and ask her questions. As they asked she wrote them down. Then she said that she may not specifically hit on every question but she promised if we were open to the Holy Ghost that we would all receive answers to our own questions.

I don't know if Mom got the new book that the Relief Society sent out, but I'm sure all of the rest of the women in our family have. She spoke on the power of the book and why they had chosen to send it out. Sister Beck pushed the "on" button at the press on April 6th. By January 2012 she says 99.7% of all the women in the WORLD WIDE Relief Society will have this book. That's 99.7% of the church's women all with the same purpose.

She also spoke on Visiting Teaching and how it wasn't just a lesson. She spoke of how Visiting Teaching is about knowing the status of all the sisters of the ward. We should know if our sisters are sick, tired, stressed, broken down, or just need another woman around. She told us,on average, a mother works 2 1/2 shifts. Meaning 1,2, and 3rd working shifts. She told us that if we allow our physical bodies to become worn down that our spirit won't be able to buoy us up. I have a lot of scriptures to read that Sister Beck referenced. She also gave us an interesting challenge. She told us to read the Doctrine and Covenants from the beginning and put a "T" next to any verse that speaks of the temple or temple ordinances. One really neat thing that was quoted was that "If you read The Scriptures to your children every day, you won't lose a single one." Marion G. Romney. Even though Gina and I were in the way back and couldn't really physically see Sister Beck, we were taught a lot.

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