Wednesday, October 5, 2011

So... an update from the Orem Peeps here in Utah.
Joel and I are going crazy! Joel picking up shifts at work, balancing me (as we all know is a full-time job), school, Logan and selling himself (plasma-is this not a legalized form of prostitution?) it gets crazy for him. As for me I'm now cleaning apartments (O.M.G. GROSSNESS), doing inspections for the company that kinda laid me off, my calling (which I absolutely LOVE), Logan, and book club (one of my favorite things). And yet we still are finding time for some fun, which is a necessity.
Funny how you make lists of all the things you are doing and its good knowing you're busy, its a fulfilling feeling!
Logan is crawling and pulling himself up and just wrecking havoc! We love it! He is a happy boy and loves being with mom an/or dad. I love this new phase of our lives!
Joel is almost done with school, I see the light at the end of the tunnel. He has already applied to be a PA State Trooper but haven't heard anything back, we still want to head back to the east coast (anywhere) but understand that we might not end up there. I do have a few states that I have nixed and I think the Lord is ok with these states being nixed off our list: Utah (no offense), Idaho (sorry Sara), and Michigan (known to be the most dangerous state to live in).
All-in-all we are doing good, going to the temple at least 1 a month, saying our prayers together, and daily scripture reading (either by ourselves or with Logan) help us stick together with dealing with each of our stresses and busy lives. I have been wanting to start a Blog (but have been too busy to even start one) to help me relieve my stress and vent about nothing but the good things that are happening to help me keep things in perspective and not focus on the crap of life.... :)
We love reading this blog and love hearing from everyone on here and Facebook!

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