Sunday, October 30, 2011


If the lay of the land isn't right for terracing - then make it so!
The finished product - and his son.
It's his job!
The channels and some of the terracing are made from this stone. It is harvested right where you see it lying - then find these large boulders, dig them out of the ground and break them up into usable bricks.
Pressure reduction tank. Some are cement, most are polyethylene tanks. There are 12.
You can see an overflow pipe (circular) and the entry for the 5" pipe to the villages is that light greenline by the large rock in the middle of the photo.
The source.
These two fellows were finishing the channel below. They were taking a lunch break.
Nearing the top.
A tap for a "field" off of the main line to one of the villages.
This guy carried it down the mountain - he's about 5'4"!
I tried to just hold it!
Hauling firewood and fodder for their cattle ... you wouldn't believe where they harvested it and the distance they had to carry it. Each bundle of (2/load) of elephant grass weighed about 30 kg.
Farm "Fields"
Banana flower.
Young bananas and onions.
Early in the 1000 meter climb/hike.

Jack Fruit. Used as a vegetable when it is small, a fruit when it is larger and sweeter.
Scenes from the Hike to one of the water sources.

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