Sunday, October 23, 2011

Week 6 from Sister Greenway

Amazing! Six weeks in... We feel so blessed to be here. I can imagine that you might tire of hearing how lovely the people are in Indonesia, but we are reminded daily of their kindness, friendliness, and willingness to learn. However, by being so delightful they teach us constantly on being about the Saviors business. We began the week by teaching English with the Grovers at UNESRI. At this Univ. we never know which classes we will teach, and this week they wanted to have Grovers in one classroom and Elder Greenway and I in another. So, of course, that's exactly what we did. They were doing presentations in our class about doing presentations. One was on the how to's of a presentation, the other was on visual aids. They were done on power point, and were well researched. However, because of the shyness of the culture, they about hide behind their notes, and are very stiff and timid. So after we had seen both presentations and after complimenting them on all of their hard work, Dad began by teaching them to speak out in their "Chest Voices"! It was so fun to watch them trying to use booming voices. Then we talked about body language, moving closer to the people you are speaking to, looking them in the eye, and smiling! It was so much fun. We really laughed and had a great time. Then we had pictures (we will expect to be treated like stars when we get home) and went on our way. What a day. Something interesting. There classes have no real schedule. School begins at 7 a.m. and they drift from class to class. Ours was to start at 8 a.m. and began around 8:30, We ended somewhere around 9:40 and they were all talking in a group when we left. Oh! And their presentations were all in English of course. They are bright young men and young women. Some are Muslim,, some are Christain, some Hindu etc. And they are all friends. What a great lesson.

About that time the week became hazy for me. I caught some kind of crud, ran a fever, ran to the bathroom, ran a good sweat, and was in bed until Sat. Your Dad, I'm sure was grateful to go to the YSA movie night on Thurs. and then Missionary District meeting on Friday. I will let him tell you about those. I was grateful for the Blessing he gave me. I was in a whole lot of hurt Wed. and still I was able to sleep and have some peace. Great blessings come in small packages!

Today, Sunday, I used great faith and attended church. I had been asked to play for the Benjasari branch primary program practice, (say that 3 times fast) and also to stay after church a practice with the Jebres branch YW for a program they have scheduled in Nov. They are singing 3 songs. Yes! I said 3 songs, and they scheduled a Sat. afternoon practice this week to become more confident! If anything could cure the plague it would be singing with the Primary Children, and the YW. Of course it was delightful. Elder Greenway and I also met with District Pres. Agus and his 2nd Counselor. We have the go ahead to begin the Perpetual Education Fund Program in Central Java! Can you imagine....these young people are exactly who Pres. Hinckley had in mind as he prayed for guidance concerning the poverty of these nations. Education is the tool, but having a righteous, loving, latter-day Prophet praying for you was the first blessing in the lives of these young people. The program is an amazing answer to prayer. Dad and I feel such joy to be part of bringing it it central Java. Jakarta is the only part of Indonesia that has seen the Program in action. We will be able to watch it grow first here, then Surabaya, then someday Bali, then on and on.
This week we will be part of a Mission wide Senior Missionary Conference here in Solo. We will hold meetings, and be part of the dedication of the newly completed Humanitarian Water Project about 2 hrs. away. We are even hiking to the project. I have some fruit to prepare, and Dad is doing a 15 min. PEF presentation to the other Seniors.

Before I close, there is one more thing I would like to talk about. Bro and Sis. Groberg have found a tremendous need in the mission. Dad and I have told you about how dim the rooms are, and you have to purchase extra lamps to be able to see. Reading is extremely difficult if you can not afford a lamp, and sometimes even with a lamp. The need is over the counter reading glasses. The missionaries are finding many, especially older members and investigators, who cannot read their scriptures because they cannot see. However, shipping things here is never less than $35 a box weighing less than 4 lbs. If you would like to help we are concerned about the cost of shipping plus the cost of the glasses. Maybe families could work together to send a box full of glasses. Think on it, work together, and let us know if you desire to help. We can let you know where to send the glasses. The elders are buying them themselves and giving them to those who are in the most need. We would love to help them. Dad and I will get a box together, but they are difficult to find en masse here.

We feel our lives have been so blessed. We both were born of goodly parents who loved the Lord and taught their children to have faith. We have dearly loved families and friends who have richly blessed our lives with their talents and kindness. We have children who are fun and faithful, kind and crazy, and devotedly dedicated to serving the Lord. We have much to be grateful for and to share. We have found that these people have very little in worldly goods, but they are happy, and caring. I am positive that they are happy because they look to serve others even when they have so little. It is a good lesson. I remember years ago when serving in the Stake YW, we would advise Ward YW leaders who were having difficulties with their girls loving one another to have them do tons of service. Nothing helps us to forget ourselves and be happy, like service. It is a glorious remedy for sadness, depression, and discouragement. Even Pres. Hinckley's father said to "forget yourself, and get to work", and he was right. I can see it in this joyous people. Thank you for your support in this glorious blessing in our lives. We love you all so much, we love to hear from you, and we pray for you in your times of need.

Saya tahu bahwa Bapa Surgawi mengasihi kita semua. Dia anak-anak di Amereka dan Dia anak-anak di Indonesia. Satu di satu di satu....
(I know Father in Heaven loves us all, His children in America and His children in Indonesia. One by one by one...

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