Monday, October 10, 2011

Update - 10/10/2011

Your Mom & I just returned from the birthday party of the wife of one of our branch presidents.  He is a used car dealer and is very successful.  We went to his home in Kartasuda, I think.  We were there with the Grovers, the FTM Elders (both native) and the two Sisters - Peters and Tandiman (Native).  We had a wonderful time.  They were a very loving family and the whole group sat in their Javanese "pavilion" outside and they sang acapella, and with a guitar, and just enjoyed each other..  There were also some friends and other relatives.  The president's mother is a pioneer member dating back to 1972!  These are a wonderful, loving people.  We led them in "Eyes that blink blink blink" and they loved it.
Dad & Mom

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