Sunday, July 1, 2012

Week 42 Photos 1

OK - We mentioned in our Week 42 letter that we ate at a restaurant just on the Ampel side of Boyolali.  It is a fairly nice place and the food is good.  It was crowded when we arrived, so they put us in a Javanese open dining area and our waiter stood by as we looked over the menu and eventually ordered.  Melanie ordered Gorame (a type of fish) Bakar (grilled), and Cap Cay (Chop Chy) a mix of stir-fried vegetables.  I ordered Nasi Goreng (Naussy Gorang) (fried rice).

Gorame Bakar

Nasi Goreng & Cap Cay

On Saturday we made Snicker Doodles for the Primary of the Solo I Ward.  Melanie made the dough before-hand and the kids made doughballs and rolled them in cinnamon sugar and Ron baked them in the church oven and our Mr. Easy Bake stove top oven.

Sister "Julia Childs" Greenway teaches her cookie-making class.

More instruction - "I'm sorry Moms, but this is a kids activity!"

Batch one oven one.

Batch two, oven two! (Mr. Easy Bake stove top oven)

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