Sunday, July 8, 2012

Week 43 Photos 2

Here is Sister Greenway with Aster.  She is just an outstanding young women.  She is waiting for a missionary who is currently serving a mission in Indonesia, Elder Martoyo.  She's contemplating a mission, too.  What is really interesting, is that two young people will somehow decide that they are boyfriend and girlfriend (yes they "date" but it is not always obvious that they like each other), and then the are "Boyfriend and girlfriend" until they get married.  And that could be years!  In other words, she is waiting for Martoyo, but they may wait until she completes a mission and he is into or done with school.

OK - when we were asked to go and present at the Youth Conference, we were told that we would stay at a nearby hotel.  They almost insisted because it would be nicer.  Well, when we got to the resort, President Budi showed us a room (like the first room at the resort by the office) and asked us if it would be alright.  We said fine!  After ensuring in his own mind that we really were "fine," we settled in.  Now, because we were told that we were going to stay at a hotel, we weren't told to bring towels or soap (and also, our own toilet paper).  We were able to go into town and purchase those items, so no problem.

Anyway, here are some photos.  This is the bathroom.  We did have instant hot water (that's the unit on the wall above the "tub.")  A European toilet.  You'll not the "tub" has a ladle floating in it.  Well, we had to bathe Indonesian style because the water was absolutely scalding hot, so we warmed up the tub water, then bathed in the middle of the floor and poured water from the ladle over us to get wet and to rinse.  This is how the average Indonesian bathes, except, typically no water heater.  If the toilet had been a squatter, the ladle and tub water would double as the flusher for the toilet

Here is our main bed room.  The beds were just wooden platforms with 4 or 5"  foam mattresses (Serta is making some in-roads into Indonesia, but not here, yet.), pillows, a bed sheet, and wool blankets.

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