Sunday, July 15, 2012

Week 44 Photos 1

This weeks photo tour is going to be a mixed bag.  Here are the YW getting ready for Solo 2 Ward Conference.  They and the YM were going to be singing, and true to form, the young men all wore white shirts and lavender ties and the young women were in white blouses, dark skirts with a shear, lavender scarf/tie. Their singing was beautiful!!!

We have been finding and visiting members throughout Solo.  We had a little time before Gospel English Class, and Lili lives near the Kapatihan building, so we dropped by.  Her home is very humble.  She has a significant scoliosis but walks to church every week and whenever there are other activities.

I took this picture the last time we were at Ngadirojo.  We had been watching this excavation, wondering what it was.  At first, it looked like top soil was being harvested.  Eventually, however, it became apparent that this hill was being removed by one or two fellows to allow for a home to be built.  I have point out again -- this was all done by hand!!!

And while I'm on the subject of work.  This fellow is the city's typical garbage hauler.  They go around the neighborhoods, collecting the garbage which is taken to collection points around the city where scavenger workers separate out recyclables, and things of "value"  These collection points are then cleaned out periodically by other workers who then load the remaining material into large, open trucks for transport somewhere.  Many times you will see people burning trash in the gutters, curbs, and canals.

Here is a somewhat typical street light in Ngadirojo.

And here is how it is turned on and off by the residents.

I am continually fascinated by banana trees.  Here is a flower emerging from the trunk.

And here is a banana flower fully emerged with fruit beginning to form.  The flower is also harvested and cooked like a vegetable.

And finally, here is good Bono.  In the letter we mentioned that all packages had to be sewn into a plastic "burlap" material.  Bono got tired of waiting for the "Wrapper Dude" to finish a wooden crate he was making from scrap material, and wrapped our package himself.  It still cost us rp 5,000 for materials (used).

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