Sunday, July 8, 2012

Week 43 Photos 1‏

On Tuesday, Juli 3, we started out at the Soepomo Chapel to load the kids from Solo onto a bus that would take them to Bandungan (for youth conference).  A village in the mountains to the north of Semarang, which is on the coast.

Here is the Kristen resort that we stayed at.  It is called: "Elika"

The sign says: " Youth Conference of the Surakarta Stake"  Dates: 3-5 July, 2012  Elika Resort (wisma=Public building) Bandugan (city), Semarang (county), Jawa Tengah (central Java)  Then D&C 38:43.

Here are the kids getting ready for their first meeting after they arrived and had lunch.

This is Bimo.  He and his sister, Fafa, are Muslim and they take piano from Sister Greenway.  Their parents attend the free English classes offered at the Soepomo building.

Here are a few of the Stake Youth Leaders.  From R to L, that's Ari (Stake YMP), then Widap (Solo 2 YSA rep), Purwantari (Stake YWP), Dina (newly baptized and just there to chaperone and be with church members), Ratmini (an adult leader for Jebres Ward), Aster (counselor YW), Sister Greenway.

Here is our new Stake President, he's about 35 years old and his name is Budi Susanto.

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