Sunday, July 1, 2012

Week 42 Photos 2

If you go back in time, to an earlier picture of this storage yard, you'll remember all of the PVC pipe that was ready for use.  This is all that remains!

As we headed for Jenawi, we came upon this MCK that was having a water pipe repaired by the village repair crew.

Since replacement parts are not readily available, these fellows figured out if they squirted some PVC glue inside the cut pipe and set it afire, they could soften the white PVC and preserve the grey PVC.

And repair complete.

We then proceded up to Lawu where we hiked a short distance up to the water distribution tank.  In Ampel, we fed 5" pipe into the reservoirs, and 4" out of them to smaller cement tanks or poly tanks, eventually down to 3/4" to the homes and MCKs.  At this part of Jenawi they took off from the tank with 3/4" to their destinations.  If it appears to be a bit foggy, your wrong!  We're in clouds that are gathered around the mountain tops.

Collection and distribution.

Clear, fresh, cold mountain water!   ENJOY!!!

Oh, and I can't forget the requisite ...  "Hey Mr. ????  Photo????"  Elder Henrie was a little taken aback.  Elder Healy was thinking, "Oh yeah, I remember this stuff!"  And Elder Greenway is thinking, "Someday one of these fellows will be trying to remember, 'Who the blazes are these guys and why am I in the picture!!!???!!!'"

This is a 200 cubic meter reservoir above the village of Jenawi.  Remember, the tank above Ampel was 100 cubic meters.

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