Sunday, August 5, 2012

Week 47 Photos 2

We must be entering papaya season.  Though you can see papaya year round, the tree seem to be full of the fruit now!

Here are two of Sister Greenway's piano students - Bimo (L) and Fafa (R) and their Mom.

 One week when we were in Ngadirojo; the children were all getting weighed by a public health nurse.  There is a concern because the children are under-weight in the village above Ampel Kota, but at weight at Ngadirojo.  And the health department didn't know why.

Here is Elder Knorpp speaking with Syaiful, a Muslim friend of Farida's who she brought to English Class and wanted to know more about Family History.

And here are Sisters Greenway and Knorpp outside of the Kapatihan building waiting for Bono.

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