Sunday, August 26, 2012

Week 50 Photos 2

Here are Sister Dwi and Brother Untung in their home kitchen/home business where they make Sasis Solo - flavored, ground chicken wrapped in a thin crepe and deep fired (looks like a spring roll) and served with cabe (a chili pepper).  They make about 300 - 350 a day, maybe more with special orders.  Bono says they sell them in lots of 10 and get about 800 rupia each (8 cents).  That's about $25/day minus expenses.

More of the kitchen.

The kitchen sink drains into this floor drain area.  They have two refrigerators (one in their living room and one in their kitchen) to store the ingredients and the pre-fried product.  They then market them to the local waruns (street food carts, small restaurants).

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