Sunday, August 26, 2012

Week 49 Photos - 3

On Saturday, because of the Independence Day holiday, we had the missionaries from the district come to our apartment for an in-service presented by Sister and Elder Knorpp about Family History and how they could use it as a tool in their missionary efforts.  We even hauled the Knopp's couch down to our apartment so all would have a good seat.   It was really informative and most of the missionaries got on-line into New Family Search and did a little of their own "work."  I think the information will stick and they will continue on after their missions, especially those from Indonesia, who were shown resources what they could use for their own research.  Sister Greenway prepared about 6 pounds of Sloppy Joe and the missionaries brought 5 liters of soda. Do I need to mention there were NO LEFT-OVERS!!!

Between the Knorpps i-Pad, their laptop connected to a TV, and our laptop, the missionaries were able to at least set up accounts and see what was available to members and non-members on NewFamilySearch and

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