Sunday, April 1, 2012

Week 29 Photos - 1

This was a busy but a fun week.  I was able to accompany the full-time missionaries to Ketep Pass, which overlooks Mt. Merapi, the volcano that erupted October 2010 and killed about 300 people.  Ketep Pass is an on-site museum about the eruptions.  Apparently, it erupts every 2-5 years and 2010 was the largest in recent history.  The museum includes a movie about the eruption and the area's history.

Some of the missionaries at the entrance.  Be prepared to pay.  With Kitas, it cost rp 7000 to get in and another rp 7000 for the movie!!!  Ahhh, but it was worth the $1.40 USD!!

What the 2010 eruption looked like.  It lasted about 100 hours.

OK - ya gotta get the tourist shot in - right?!?  Yes - the volcano is still active and the light whisp trailing up away from the clouds is smoke from the caldera.  (The rest is cloud.)

And the pretty girls! (editor's note: those aren't just "girls" - they are Sister Missionaries!)

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