Sunday, April 22, 2012

Week 32 Photos - 1

Fransesca Xavaria Diana Rahmawati is now the newest member of the Banjasari Branch!  About two weeks ago, she asked me to baptize her, so I started working on my baptism prayer in Indonesian.  Since I have now done it a couple times and know the words and translation it seemed a lot easier; then she told me her entire name...!!!  So here is Elder Greenway, Fransesca, Farida (who introduced her to the Church), and Sister Greenway.

Here are Elders Xiong (he's Hmong from Southern California - Fransesca is his first convert) and Elder Prasetyo (Elder Xiong's companion and trainer).

And of course the requisite Sister Greenway cookies for the choir and the subsequent district (Stake) choir practice.  Here you can see Elder Prasetyo, President Timin (counselor in the Branch presidency), Elder Johnson, Sister Greenway and Yuli.

One of the sisters also made supper for everyone.  That's her on the bottom left (we don't remember her name).  She made a rice noodle meal called Bihun.  You can see the members holding it  up in the newspaper/butcher paper package (and plate) that it came in.

Here is Busro on the left (I don't know the fellow on the right).  Brother Busro was a Muslim - his family still is.  However, he was a driver for someone and Bono struck up a conversation with him and well ...  Oh, Bono - D&C 18:15-16.

Finally, here's another beautiful Indonesian child - keeping an eye on Elder Greenway and the camera - and protecting his Bihun!!!

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