Sunday, April 15, 2012

Week 31 Photos - 3

Here is a section of old PVC pipe.  It was, I think, tapped into the original system by the locals to run the water to where-ever they wanted it.  It may also be off of a really old water system the village govornment put in years before using an unclean source.  You can't see our new piping because we bury it 18" into the ground.  At this point it is three inch diameter.

Here's the new MCK by the school and by the "General Store" I mentioned.

The MCK by the soccer pitch.  You can see one of the orange polyethylene storage tanks at the other end of the field.

How's this for a view when you go to potty!?!

And finally ... OUCH !!!  Poor Ismun, he was so excited to see us again that he parked his "motor" too close to our "mobil" and it tipped-over and took out our tail light.  No big deal - we had it fixed and replaced by the end of the day!

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