Sunday, April 29, 2012

Week 33 Photos - 1

Well, we now are serving in the Surakarta Stake, which now comprises the Solo 1st and 2nd Wards, the Banjasari and Jebres Wards, Semarang, and Jogja Wards and the Magelang Branch.

Here are a few photos of the Conference presided over by Elder Perkins of the 1st Quorum of Seventy and our Area President. Here is Elder Perkins being greeted by Elders Hendro and Johnson.

Here is the first Surakarta Stake Choir! (Sister Greenway learned that she shouldn't say "awesome" any more because it sounds like an Indonesian word meaning "sour." She kept calling the choir,"awesome!")

Just to prove they don't make their flowered signs just for funerals!

Here you can see (R to L): Sister and Elder Healy, Elder and Sister Beaman, and Elder and Sister Seiters.

Here's a better shot of Elder and Sister Healy. They just arrived and are the Humanitarian Missionary couple. They are the replacement for the Merediths.

Conference was held in the Emerald Ballroom of the Solo Paragon, where we live. They set up 800 chairs and we had nearly a full-house!!!  Members came in buses from Semarang and Jogja. What faithful saints!

Last, but not least .... our translators for the Conference. Elder Purnawan, Sonia, Elder Kunjapaa, and I don't know the 2 fellows on the right.

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