Sunday, April 15, 2012

Week 31 Photos - 1

This week we'll start with some of the children from Ampel Project/ Boyolali Area.  We were photographing an MCK being built by a soccer pitch and these girls were with Kowo's daughter (she and her Mom were down from Jakarta for a week or so visiting "Daddy Kowo").  Sister Greenway asked them to "strike a pose."

This is the MCK by the soccer pitch.  As you can see, it's a Jungle Gym right now.  This unit is on hold now - awaiting its water connection.  You'll see in later photos that we are now focusing on the smaller pressure reduction tanks and piping.

Kowo and Wastu (one of Widap's older brothers.  Her oldest brother is the Branch President in Samarang).  That's Merbabu in the background.  Look closly and you can see farmfields on the steep sides of the mountain.  If they can climb to it, they'll farm it!

Melanie took a close up of one of the many patches we pass as we go around the water project.  Here are red and green Ceba (chili's) and cabbage.

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