Sunday, April 1, 2012

Week 29 Photos - 2

I just had to include these shots because I continue to be amazed at these woderful, awe-inspiring people.  This shot was taken south of Merapi and just west of Jogja between Jogja and Klaten on the way back to Solo.  This is where the majority of the "down-hill" damage was from the volcanic eruption.  I included pictures of the destroyed,  detritus covered village a while back.  A river was blocked by the volcanic material that flowed down the mountain and the government is working to redirect the river back into its original channel.  This fello is "mining" volcanic boulders that were swept down from the mountain about 10 or so Km away.  He mines the boulder and then manually reduces them to workable sizes!!!

Step 2 (or so).

Step 3 (or so).  Almost managable.  And did I mention - this is done with a hammer and rock chisel.  NOT a sledge hammer!!!!

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