Monday, February 11, 2013

Week 74 Photos #1

Melanie chipped a bottom front tooth and its ragged edge was causing her discomfort, so Bono directed us to a Dokter Gigi (dentist) that the Grovers had visited.  Her name is Ellen Laurensia and this is her office sign.

Inline image 2

And the front entrance to her office.  We found it to be very clean, modern, efficient, and affordable.
Inline image 3

We also visited with Kini and Markini with the Sisters.  That's Kini's husband in the background.
Inline image 4

While the Sisters were teaching, Sister Greenway and I took a walk and also visited with the neighbor kids and Markini's son.
Inline image 5

Beside Kini's home is a Kristen Church.  Here is the minister and his wife.  They invited us into their home, but we needed to head back to Kini's.
Inline image 6

These are their two daughters.
Inline image 7

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