Monday, February 11, 2013

Week 74 Photos #2

This is a view looking up Kini and Markini's street.  That's Markini's home on the left.  Kini's home is on the left, too, out of the picture.

Inline image 1

Here is another neighbor, heading home with a load of firewood.  I asked him if I could take his picture ... so he struck a pose.
Inline image 2

These are Kini's goats.  They are raised for food and/or for sale.  Goats bring a good price during the Day of Sacrifice (that follows Ramadan).
Inline image 3

Kini and Markini's garden.  It has cassava, cabbage, clove, beans, corn.
Inline image 4

A neighbors, bamboo fence holding back the jungle.
Inline image 5

Anjing - dog.  This is Kini's.  Its mate had a litter of pups when we first began visiting.  Kini sold the pups a couple months ago - for food not to be pets.
Inline image 7

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