Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Week 75 Photos #1

This past Sunday, Sister Greenway accompanied the Solo 1 Ward's Elders Quorum in Ye Elders of Israel. I hope you can hear the attached recording. (not a video)
Valentine's Day Dinner Celebration at the Coral Restaurant in the Solo Paragon Residence and Hotel. Elder and Sister Greenway.
Inline image 1
Elder and Sister Knorpp.
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Our Hostess / Waitress.
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Dessert!!! It was all very elegant. That is not a design on the plate; it is chocolate, with lemon and strawberry flavors.
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When we went shopping during the week, we saw this promotional. All day, groups were performing on/at a Valentine's display. Here a pre-school group was singing and dancing under the direction of their teacher in the blue on the left.
Inline image 5
Here is the Happy couple, Martinas and Dorthy. He is from Solo, Indonesia and she is from Malaysia. As was noted, this was their first meeting ... and their wedding ! Best Wishes !!!
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