Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Week 75 Photos #2

Elder Greenway has begun working with Frisca, a young woman who has received her call to serve in Australia. This is her mother's hair salon. We had stopped by to ask about some less actives in her area.
Inline image 1
Here is Retno cutting a customer's hair with Bono in the foreground.
Inline image 2
You can see the shampooing chair there on the right, and the blue barrel holds the water for shampooing.
Inline image 3
We also visited with Suyono. His occupation, along with most of the people on his street is making badminton shuttlecocks. This is an oil burner / heater on which he flattens / shapes, and trims the cut and trimmed, chicken-feather quills.
Inline image 4
Here Suyono is starting the feather placement.
Inline image 5
More feathers ....
Inline image 6
This shuttlecock is close to being finished. He needs to sew the feathers together to maintain the shape of the shuttlecock and also place a black, rubber, outer sleeve over the tip. He told us he can make about 12 complete units every hour.
Inline image 7

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