Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Week 76 Photos

On Saturday evening the 23rd of February, we were invited to Uskup Catur's home for a Valentine Party for the youth of the Solo 2nd Ward. They had asked us to come prepared to teach some dancing to the kids like we had done with the Single Adults this past summer.

Here we are demonstrating a waltz-like dance step.
Inline image 2

We also taught the Virginia Reel and for the most part they got all of the steps and actions correct. Regardless of their expertise, they had a lot of fun with this one. If you want to seen them in action, check out the blog!
Inline image 3

Before the dancing we gathered all of the youth together with a few leaders and got some pretty good group shots.
Inline image 4

We ended the week with the baptism of Joko. He had been the only non-member in his family and everyone seemed really excited about his becoming a member. The missionaries who taught him are Elder Suwarsid and Elder Masangcay.  That's Brother Joko behind his children and next to his wife.

Inline image 5

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