Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Week 75 Photos #3

I decided to include some more random shots of what we see on a daily basis. When visiting a less active member named Alma, this was his home on a side street. He had almost no furniture.
Inline image 1
When you go shopping, when you get to the meat area, you are greeted with FRESH fish. The "unfortunate" aspect, however, is that the area really smells very strongly of fish. That's Garame on the top.
Inline image 2
This is a becak (bay-chahk). He'll tip the whole vehicle forward to assist your entrance onto the seat. You generally negotiate the cost of the trip before you start. If you don't then you pay what he asks. I've never had a problem. My trips usually cost about 10,000 rupiah - about a dollar.
Inline image 3
This fellow is one of the innumerable street vehicle tenders / parkers / traffic directors. He will direct you to a parking place if you are an auto, and then direct your backing out of the space when you leave. 2,000 rupiah. If you have a motor cycle, he'll park it, cover the seat to protect it from sun and rain, and pull it out of its place when you are ready to leave. 1000 rupiah. He'll also watch over you vehicle to prevent theft.
Inline image 4
Here he's helping one of his customers.
Inline image 5
Here's the Banjasari Ward's youth choir with leaders.
Inline image 6
Sister Greenway with Riski. "Sister - candy, please????"
Inline image 7
Just me.
Inline image 8
Most of the streets seem to be vendor specific. This three or four block long street has many vendors who make vehicle license plates - as custom as you want. The state does not provide the plate - just the number - you then have to get the plate made. The number is good for 5 years.
Inline image 9
This is a typical scene at a stop-light. 10 seconds before there were no motor cycles. They jockey up to the front while the light is red. And fill in any available space - no matter how small - just so long as they can fit in it.
Inline image 10
I thought you all might like this. When I got my Toyota serviced, this was the Service Area. Absolutely spotless!
Inline image 11

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