Monday, February 11, 2013

Week 74 Photos #4

Everyday scenes:  This little, OLD, lady was walking up the road as we were leaving Kini's.  She's carrying corn stalks for fodder for her family's cow.  
Inline image 10

I had noticed this wood scrap pile from a local saw mill on several visit.  This time, however, some enterprising individual started stacking and selling it in wrapped bundles.  He was saving the hassle of sorting and wrapping for those willing to pay him to do it.

Inline image 2

Plowing a rice paddy prepping for a new crop.  This used to be done with water buffalo, but we've only seen one yoke of buffalo since we've been here.
Inline image 3

Newly planted paddy and you can see another field being plowed in the background.
Inline image 4

I showed you Raja Ayam from the outside in earlier posts.  This is looking at the dining area from the front door.  That's Sister Knorpp and Purwono, their driver.
Inline image 5

Here's the cashier.  A filling meal with drinks for six people will cost about 100,000 rupiah.  About $10.00 US.  
Inline image 6

This is the kitchen.
Inline image 7
And this is where the Bakso, Soto, and Mei Ayam are prepared.  Yes, it's a stand outside the front door.
Inline image 8

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