Monday, March 4, 2013

Week 77 Photos #1

I'm going to start this weeks photos with what you see at church activities other than Sunday. This is a Primary activity on a Wednesday evening. It is a Javanese tradition to remove one's shoes when you enter a home. It carries over to other places, like churches, and mas'jids (mosques).

On this same evening, we were busy all day so I went across the street to Rasane Restu for some take-away (take out). This is nasi goreng and pickles (cucumber slices marinated in sugar and vinegar) with a crab, rice, tapioca chip.

The Knorpps invited us to visit the Kraton (King's Palace) with them. We had been there before, a long time ago, but they didn't want to go alone. This is the main entrance to the palace area, but this is only for special occasions. We entered in an eastern entrance. We parked out car to the right

This is looking back toward the main entry area. We walked to the east entrance - about 100 yards or so.

This is looking to the north. the east entrance is to my right.


Now I am looking east and the east entrance is behind me.
Inline image 6

The east Entrance. The statue is of the 10th king of the current dynasty. The guide stated throughout the tour that the current king, #13, has no political power and has to work for a living like everyone else.
Inline image 7

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