Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Week 79 Photos

I will start the photos for this week with Sisters Manalu and Hutcheson. Here they are modeling their dresses that they had made using the same pattern. Sister Manalu was transferred on the following Tuesday to Malang. Sister Manalu was the Sister who was hospitalized for a surgery and then incessant vomiting caused by too much swimming and drinking too much fruit juice. Yeah - right!!???!!! Sister Hutcheson was the angel who stayed with her companion at the bedside night and day while she was in the hospital.
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This is the Banjasari Ward Relief Society Choir that Sister Greenway accompanied for the Stake Relief Society all-day activity.
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Here is the Surakarta Stake Relief Society learning about making steamed multi-layer cake.
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The finished product!
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Here are three sisters helping at the Activity. Sister Ratmini (Jebres Ward), Sister Ajang (Solo 1 - Bishop's wife), and Yuli (Banjasari Ward) making a refreshing fruit drink dessert.
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Ready to be served!!
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We also had a visit from Flat Stanley who was sent to us by grandson Eli. Stanley who got to meet the Seminary English Class and ...
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ride in a Becak! Along with several other activities which we photographed for Eli's school class.
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We also met President and Sister Groberg's daughter and her husband who came to visit them in Indonesia. Here we are at the Adem Ayam Restaurant.
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