Sunday, March 24, 2013

Week 80 Photos #1

Since we didn't get out a whole lot this week, I though I would include some pictures that I'm sure the mothers and fathers of our Solo missionaries would like to see. I thought I would present how they looked of Friday at DDM and then I would include a couple pictures of the approach to and the front of their homes here in Solo.
So first: here is Sister Hutcheson and her new companion Sister Manullang.  They serve in all 4 wards in Solo.
Inline image 1
They have a small apartment in a nice neighborhood behind a side-by-side Masjid and Kristen Gereja. Here is the "street" in front of their place. Their apartment is on the left about where the motorcycle is in the picture.
Inline image 2
And here is looking at their apartment with the gate open.
Inline image 3
Next comes the Solo 1 Ward Missionaries: Elder Lee and Elder Hasibuan (the District Leader).
Inline image 4
And the Solo 2 Ward Missionaries: Elder James and Elder Martoyo.
Inline image 5
Here is their street in front of their NEW place: it is on the left side of the picture by the car-tire trash can.
Inline image 6
And the front of their apartment.
Inline image 7

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