Monday, March 11, 2013

Week 78 Photos #3

Now for the GOOD stuff!  The reason for our visit to Magetan, Jawa Timur, was to try to get Sister Suryani's ID card renewed, and to visit members of the Indonesian Branch.  The Indonesia Branch is comprised of those members who are 2 hours or more from an official unit of the church.  It took us about three hours+ to get to Sister Suryani's village and home.  Here are some pictures.
This is Sister Suryani's home.
Inline image 1
Sister Suryani had not seen her family for at least 4 years - it was a sweet reunion!
Inline image 2
With her bapa (father).
Inline image 4
Sister Suryani's uncle, who is also the village secretary.
Inline image 5
Sister Canty, Elder Greenway, Elder and Sister Kusumarmanto, Sister Suryanti's little sister and Mom, and Sister Suryanti.
Inline image 7

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