Monday, March 4, 2013

Week 77 Photos #2

Continuing our tour of Kraton, here is where the sisters were asked to remove their sandals and go bare-foot. The guide praised the sand of its comfort and healing properties. We had to cut this part of the tour short because of the pain being inflicted on Sister Greenway and SIster Knorpp!!! Maybe tough Indonesian feet are OK with the "sand", but it was actually painful to their feet. The last time Sister G and I took the tour, she did not have to remove her shoes. Oh, well. The Official Reception area is the building to the left. It is only used for official occasions and regular traditional dance presentations about every 55 days.

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This is one of the palace wells for the cooking area.
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The water was transferred to the pot by Elder Knorpp. We were told it was clean and OK to drink. OOOOOO KKKKKKK - yeah. You first!!!!
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This is a diorama depicting one of the wars with the Dutch. In this one, the war was apparently bankrupting the Dutch govt. so they sent an emissary for peace and when the king showed up, they captured and exiled him to another island and "won" the war.
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This is a wooden model of the Kraton - all 57 hectares of it. The museum only covers about one hectare.
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Believe it or not, this is a game where each player places a nut under the long, thin piece of the game and the the center section is struck with the club. The person whose nut doesn't crack open - wins.! ??????
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And finally, I had to show the musically tuned Ming Dynasty vases. Yes, you can touch and play them as part of the tour. That is our guide. Pretty good English and he was somewhat of a comic. Example: "The bride received a dowry which was placed in a special chest and carried to the wedding. Now she just gets a credit card! HAHAHA!!"
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