Monday, March 11, 2013

Week 78 Photos #5

After visiting Sister Suryani's family we went to visit Lilik.  We found her at home with her son, Afries, her mother and her sister.
Here is Lilik and Afries.  His full name is Miracle Frisky Jovial Atmoko.  Atmoko is his father's name and really not part of Afries's full name.  Most Javanese have only one name.
Inline image 1
Sister Canty, Sister Suryani, Sister Lilik and Afries, Sister and Elder Kusumarmanto.  Please note we are onthe communal rug and not on the chairs...and our shoes are outside.
Inline image 2
Front Row: Lilik's sister and mother, Sister K., Sister Lilik, Afries and Sister Suryani.  Back Row: Elders Greenway and Kusumarmanto, and Sister Canty - Yes, we are that tall!!
Inline image 3

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