Monday, March 11, 2013

Week 78 Photos #1

I have a lot of pictures this week.  These came from the trip to Magetan which is in Jawa Timur.  When we crossed over the mountain above Tawanmangu we entered East Java.  So here is some of the beauty of that area.
Here is the jungle coming right up to the edge of the roadway.
Inline image 2
If you look closely, you can see the orchid plants which adhere to the tree limbs.
Inline image 3
Even into the mountain, the people cultivate if they can get to it.
Inline image 4
 Incredible beauty!
Inline image 5
 Roadside warungs. And many vegetable fields are covered with plastic to keep the weeds down.
Inline image 6
 Stone walls to assist in the terracing.
Inline image 7
 If you look closely you can see people all over the hill-side.
Inline image 8
 Banana (pisang) trees  in the fields, also.
Inline image 9
In this photo, you can see the stone stairs built to provide access to the upper levels.
Inline image 10

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