Sunday, January 1, 2012

Week 16 Photos 2

The Branch President of the Jebres Branch is very young and his wife is the Primary President.  They have one child and he is beautiful.

Christmas "tree"? (editor: There was no caption associated with this photo in the email.)

Here is Gustacio Santa.  He is a quiet, but very faithful member.  You'll see him, but you might miss him because he seems to be doing all the time.  He seems to see the need and proceeds.

This is "Franki" and his wife.  He was going to perform "Put Your Little Foot" with his daughter, but she got up and just stood and stared at the audience, so the Mom jumped in and they performed around her ... Sooooo cute!

This couple of youth performed a Jawanese skit - the point of which was completely beyond my understanding!  By the end, nearly every youth performed in the play.

OK, so you've seen the real Santa and the Gustacio Santa , now for the SCARY SANTA!!!!!!!!  And ya know - the little ones didn't seem to mind!  Yup, it was a female - this is an "Equal Opportunity church".

 The orchestra and chorus.

Sister Greenway with Ari on her left and Yua on her right.

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